...This gem feels timeless. It's a stunner...This quartet (with Menzies and Phillips handling the arrangements and production) has crafted a sonic atmosphere that seduces the listener into a state of transfixed bliss. It’s one thing to create a mood; it’s quite another to sustain that mood for an entire album."  DownBeat Magazine (Editors’ Pick) “The Ballads Album Miles Davis Never Recorded…Lush, emotional performances. Phillips' trumpet radiates warmth and sweetness as it floats over Menzies' delicate piano chords.  East Bay Express “A fabulous CD, the kind that find their way onto the ‘Best of Year’ lists…a gorgeously retro-classic sound…It has what the best albums have—a sustained mood, beautiful sound quality, well-chosen material, and great musicians who have clicked as a group and slipped into a cohesive ensemble groove.”  All About Jazz “This is a duo that takes its sweet time, and the vibe as Phillips floats mournfully over Menzies’ generally livelier licks is that of two lovers sharing a dance at closing time…Straight down to the bass and drums, the interaction of instruments is easy yet dramatic, and the romantic nuance promises to reveal itself over time. The stories, after all, are in the empty spaces.”   M Music & Musicians “Spare, lyrical, beautiful and elegant…Menzies and Phillips know how to capture a mood…Throughout this CD, they let the music breathe...The Menzies-Phillips simpatico is so fine that it wouldn’t be surprising to hear any of these eight tracks – perhaps all of them – resurface on various movie soundtracks. Moment To Moment is that good.”                    Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes …entrancing…The music is quiet but never light; it’s filled with emotion and with harmonic interest, but its overall impact is soothing and comforting at a deeply visceral level. It’s hard to explain how exceptionally beautiful this album is. Strongly recommended to all jazz collections."  CD HotList “The songs are familiar but the fresh arrangements, relaxed pace and soft touch imparted by the leaders makes this a standout recording.”  O's Place Magazine “…a beautiful album…covers a broad range of emotions and colors across the breadth of the repertoire, owing much to Chet Baker and, not surprisingly, the cooler side of Miles Davis.”   About.com “This is a late night jazz club, a hush over the crowd, one ballad after the other, and each song breaking somebody’s heart…just the kind of music for kicking back and drifting off…”  Emusic “Every year about this time, people begin to ask me for musical suggestions for Valentine’s Day. What’s the best music for a romantic dinner? What’s the best CD to surprise someone with as a gift?...Well, this year the answer is simple – pick up Cava Menzies and Nick Phillips‘ new CD Moment to Moment.”  Straight No Chaser Moment to Moment comes close to the supernatural nature of music...Heavy with the bronzed glow of [Nick Phillips'] horn and the dense beauty of [Cava] Menzies’ sinewy harmonics informed by a palette of spectacular colours, the music gathers like a great bank of gorgeously fluffy and rippling cumulonimbus clouds sheltering in an endless sky."           Jazz da Gama “The musical creativity that resonates the collaborative union between these two artists can be heard with the ears, and also felt deeply within the soul.”  iRock Jazz …Phillips and Menzies let the music breathe, contrasting every sound they make with silence, showing that they are both masters of restraint...[they] play so well during their quartet set with bassist Jeff Chambers and drummer Jaz Sawyer that it is surprising to realize that neither one is a fulltime musician "  Jazz Inside Magazine …floating, gorgeous album of ballads."  Louisville Music News More about Cava Menzies [Cava Menzies'] lines undulate gracefully and sometimes curl into sensuous arcs that complete themselves as they wrap into parabolas. Narrative lines proceed lyrically in a linear manner; but ever so suddenly they might turn and be party to dramatic inversions. Her soli are breathtaking; she shows great strength; great fortitude as she ascends almost vertical faces in the melodic leaps that she makes."  Jazz da Gama “...an original approach—concise, not a lot of notes, but every one seems to mean something profound.”  All About Jazz More about Nick Phillips Burning with slow passion, Mr. Phillips seems to come from the line of pathos and irony created by Miles Davis…His handling of the mute is exquisite; he is in a minority of one when it comes to eliciting the primal cry of the horn, then making it sound almost human as notes bend and twist at his command."  Jazz da Gama  “On a blindfold test, a good guess might be: ‘Chet Baker’…soft, rich, open horn tone.”  All About Jazz    ”


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Cava Menzies | Nick Phillips

The Jazz School (California Jazz Conservatory), 2087 Addison St., Berkeley, CA

Cava Menzies | Nick Phillips Featuring:Nick Phillips - trumpetCava Menzies - pianoPaul Eastburn - bassJaz Sawyer - drums

$15 general / $12 student


Bajaba Showcase

KPFA 94.1 FM: Live In-Studio Performance

Live in-studio Cava Menzies | Nick Phillips performance on KPFA radio.  94.1 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Or stream live anywhere at KPFA.org.


Cava Menzies/Nick Phillips Quartet

Musically Minded Academy, 5776 Broadway Ave., Oakland, CA

To purchase tickets, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cava-menzies-nick-philipps-tickets-9312996423   Advance:$15 general admission ($12 for seniors, disabled and students with ID)At the door:$18 general admission ($15 for seniors, disabled and students with ID)

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